Jasson Dominguez Nickname | Why is he called El Marciano, the Martian?

Know everything about Jasson Dominguez’s Nickname, Why Jasson is called El Marciano or the Martian? Who gave him the nickname?

What is the nickname of Jasson Dominguez?

The New York Yankees organization’s baseball outfielder Jasson Dominguez is one of the hottest prospects in the league. Dominguez was given a $5.1 million signing bonus in 2019 by the Yankees.

With love and admiration, fans around the globe have been starting to call him by his nickname the Martian.

People also call him El Marciano (in Spanish), which translates to the Martian. He also uses the same name THEMARTIAN👽🥑 on his social media Instagram.

Why is Jasson Dominguez called El Marciano or the Martian?

Jasson Dominguez is called El Marciano or the Martian because his baseball talent is considered to be otherworldly and out of this world (was not of this world). Jasson is considered one of the best prospects not only in the Yankees but also in baseball as a whole.

The Yankees vice president of player development Kevin Reese described prospect Jasson Dominguez as on a “completely different level” from any other amateur player the team has signed.

And soon fans nicknamed Jasson Dominguez as the El Marciano and the Martian. Dominguez has been often compared to Mickey Mantle, Bo Jackson, and Mike Trout.

What is the real name of El Marciano or the Martian?

Though people mostly know baseball athlete by El Marciano or the Martian, his real name is not just that. The full name or birth name of El Marciano is Jasson DomĂ­nguez. He uses his full name despite having a remarkable nickname.

Jasson’s father FelĂ­x and mother Dorca González gave their son’s name after Yankee’s first baseman Jason Giambi.

Jasson Dominguez baseball
Jasson Dominguez baseball Source: Getty Images

Jasson Dominguez Jersey Number and Name

New York Yankees organization’s Outfielder Jasson wears Jersey Number 89 for his current team. And the name written on the back of his jersey is “DOMINGUEZ”.

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